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Welcome To Our Madness

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  • By JJ
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Here We Are... This Blog is about being a mompreneur, momboss, girlboss, moming, wifing (is that even a thing?) This is about us winning some and losing some, yet we are all only human and navigating life these days can be straight up bat shit crazy. Hold on, buckle up, because here we go.. Uncensored and raw.

Welcome to this Blog.. so Impersonal I Know

I have been here before. Started the blog and quit. Started the blog and quit. I just never truly had a "What" I wanted to write about and why. Being the co-owner of a clothing boutique naturally I thought that our content should be about clothing and trends etc or blogging about being a woman in business. But that was always "Why" I could never commit to the blog. When you work selling fashion everyday the last thing we want to talk about is Clothing and how to be a established entrepreneur!! So if you are looking for a fashion blog solely talking about fashion this blog is not for you. We can suggest some amazing bloggers that focus on our trending brands that we have in both our Store front and our Online Boutique. Just let us know I will hook you up!

Who am I? And who are we? My name is Jodie some call me JJ, mom, Jodes, Jod. And My business partner that pushed me to continue this blog is Agnes also know as Aggie. I am a wife and a mother of 3 children and Agnes is a wife and a mother with 4 children. But we weren't keeping score and I let her win anyhow.Haha

Now onto what I am going to talk about here on this blog. Topics will range widely as everyday comes a new story a new experience and alot of laughs and possibly some tears but I usually keep it fairly light not to serious




This includes all stories, all experiences from a-z like amazon except this is free and quicker delivery.

  • Momming -  This can get extremely interesting, especially in the time of this global pandemic we find ourselves in. (The date is April 2 of 2020) The word Compromise, Compromizing, and teaching how to Compromise comes to the forefront of my brain or my frontal lobe. With our children's frontal lobe not fully maturing until their mid to late 20's "OMFG" we are going to do a lot of drinking, swearing and probably grow a lot of grey hair over the next few months while in isolation.


  • Wifing - prounounced Wife'ing: Is that even a thing? Does it count that we strive to have independence, fun, friend time, and still manage to put the effort into being a good wife? This has already too many questions we will just move on from this subject for now. ANd maybe we will spell it Wife'ing what do you think?


  • MomBoss - Being the boss is not easy. Dealing with customers is easy that is why we have a set of policies that we follow that are generous and it stops the grey area that some people leave open in their business mode not here!  However we find there is a lot of grey area with kids and their needs. Yes they say they are NEEDS but we know very well that they are wants. And being the boss gets old. Like really OLD and that is when we have to make executive decisions and hire upper management consultants to step in AKA Dads. But we only call in the reinforcements when we are completely at the end of our rope because they are extremely hard to procure and you just never know where the results will lead us. So its just better to keep it In-house for the most part.


  • GirlBoss - Ladies its time to Get Up, Show Up and if it is just for a jug of milk for goodness sakes put a cap on or put your hair in a messy bun, it's cute, maybe some mascara or lip gloss it doesn't have to be a lot but if your not willing to just do the bare minimum then what are you?  Lazy or Boring or Both? Hey don't say we didn't warn you about our blog. No judgement's (well maybe a little) but when you try just a little, you walk a little straighter, a little smoother and you are more confident. If you don't think so look at the first celebrity magazine you see whether it is US WEEKLY or  PEOPLE magazine it doesn't matter. The celebrities don't walk with hats and sunglasses because they put their effort in! Most of the time they are jotting from place to place with their heads down. Haha some even have restraining orders to stop people from taking "un-favorable, or unflattering" pictures of them. Or so I have heard. True story. Unless of course its Lady Gaga because she is the Queen.


  • Friends - My husband once told me if I made one more friend he was moving to Mexico. Ha! Not right now he is not because the border is closed and the world is in a pandemic that has me now limited to virtual Face-time over cocktail hour! The best thing to come out of this pandemic is being able to have cocktails with my firends in the safety of my house( with my family of course) and I am able to walk to my bed when the girls want to keep the cocktails and gossip flowing. Not having to worry about waiting on UBER, or how much my UBER is gonna cost me as I (we) live a solid 50km away usuall and I have NO DUI insurance too! Seeing as 1 glass of wine could potentially put me over the legal limit, depending on who poured it! Not naming names, but  Aimee, Jennifer, Lisa, Dalyce, Deanna, Kendal & Agnes (just to name a few lol) Not that I would ever drive under the influence, however it is completely off the table now that we are self isolating with our families. I'm always pouring tall glasses now. ***Remind me to talk about the Breathalizer's MY friends ordered. Its a good story, that has created more stories.


  • News Worthy - With the world at our fingertips there is always so much to chat about. If it is not ELLEN keeping us laughing it is Reality TV, that we just can't make this shit up, that we talk about these days and everything else in between.

Nothing is OFF LIMITS

Yes we will talk about it. No we wont hold back. If your still not sure this blog is for you as a woman you need to trust your gut and keeping drinking (coffee ö) and keep on reading as I am just warming up. At 44yrs old I have alot of life that I have lived and a whole lot more to experience and I'm sure at some point you will relate or know of someone that can relate. as we are all in this womanhood together.

In the End I hope that we can get to know one and another better. By sharing and caring, laughing and crying is what life is all about. 

Til the next one




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